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[1ST] Start Here: The Adventure, Level 1

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[1ST] Start Here: The Adventure, Level 1

Post by James1011 on Wed Oct 08, 2014 3:53 am

Start Here: The Adventure

Create your character here and go on the easiest adventure ever!

You can either use the dice roll option or use [rand] tags to roll dice.

How to use [rand] tags to roll dice:

[rand]4[/rand] - d4
[rand]6[/rand] - d6
[rand]8[/rand] - d8
[rand]10[/rand] - d10
[rand]12[/rand] - d12
[rand]20[/rand] - d20
[rand]100[/rand] - d%
[rand]2,5[/rand] - Magic Missile


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