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OTVenture Delta Empty OTVenture Delta

Post by samoyed on Wed Jul 03, 2013 6:12 pm

You are in an empty octagonal shaped black room, with ten doors leading in the cardinal and ordinal directions and up and down.

A. Go through the North door
B. Go through the East door
C. Go through the South door
D. Go through the West door
E. Go through the Northeast door
F. Go through the Southeast door
G. Go through the Southwest door
H. Go through the Northwest door
I. Go through the Up door
J. Go through the Down door

This version is vastly improved from the first three OTVentures, and contains new stuff!

Credit Card System:
It stores your money, and allows charging.

Different card levels have better gain rates.

Standard Level Credit Card No gain rate
Premium Level Credit Card Gain rate 1%/100t
Bronze Level Credit Card Gain rate 2%/100t
Silver Level Credit Card Gain rate 3%/100t
Gold Level Credit Card Gain rate 2%/50t
Platinum Level Credit Card Gain rate 3%/50t
Diamond Level Credit Card Gain rate 4%/50t
Mithril Level Credit Card Gain rate 5%/50t
Adamantium Level Credit Card Gain rate 6%/50t
Unobtainium Level Credit Card Gain rate 7%/50t

There is now a Credit Score value, which simply tracks your spending and makes you eligible for better cards, but can hurt you if you make bad purchases or try to spend over the limit.

Legendary - 900-1000, cut gain rate time in half and add +1%
Prime - 800-900, add +1% to gain rate
Excellent - 725-800, gain rate -10 turns
Good - 650-725, no change, eligible for better card, including rare
Mediocre - 575-650, no change, eligible for better card, not including rare
Poor - 500-575, no change and no longer eligible for better card
Bad - 425-500, gain rate +10 turns
Subprime - 350-425, subtract -1% from gain rate
Terrible - 300-350, double gain rate time and subtract -1%
Absolutely Horrible - 200-300, nullify gain rate
You Fail - 100-200, reverse gain rate so you actually lose money
Point of No Return - 0-100, banker may kill you and force Reset at the lower bounds of this level, gain rate is set to -8%/25t

Note that this is not intended to resemble any actual credit score, and doesn't even have the range of 300-850 for a typical score.

Semi-Freeform Areas, which allow free answers within bounds.

Save and Load, and unlockable Slot 2 and Slot 3.

Difficulty selector, so you can relax on Casual, take it easy on Easy, play on Normal, challenge yourself on Hard, fight against all odds on Insane, or push the limit on Impossible.

General Score, seen on death.

More items and places.

and more!

Enjoyin' the retreat.

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OTVenture Delta Empty Re: OTVenture Delta

Post by James1011 on Fri Apr 17, 2015 11:29 pm

btw, I made this when I had the founder account btw.


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